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Makati, Pilipinas


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hello honey how are you I'm simo from fransh nice to meet you

Ts Anthonette: hello how are you ? btw i am fine and good simo and nice to meet you :) i hope i meet u soon :)

hi sexy girl I love you you bird bird so long can you and me to sex total perfection hottest sexy goddess such flawless skin and great curves.... phillip sage. I wan to kiss you

Ts Anthonette: wow for wonderfull message from you ! well i can be enjoy with you and i will give you total satisfuction dis is my favorite :)

you have very hot sexy penis love see your cum foll on your sexy penis orfice

you have very hot sexy penis love see your cum foll on your sexy penis orfice

Ts Anthonette: wow yes i will to play my penis for you and i make u more happy with me my darling :)

hi beauty,i have gone to TABACO PH last year!why i am not know you early!

Ts Anthonette: so sad to say that ! but dont be worry i hope u are back here at manila ! then just contact me also me also i will to meet you here :)

hello, im peter, from sapin, asian ts escort agency

Ts Anthonette: hello how are you ? wat can i serve for you ?

Are you found, I want to communicate with you because I loved you

Ts Anthonette: wow nice to hear that :) i will to but how ? just give way to make communication darling ...

You are so beautiful, I love you, I really want to make love with you ~!

Ts Anthonette: wow great |! me also i want too and i give you 100 % love and i do my best for you to make iu are satisfuction :)